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  explore. heal. flourish.

Wherever you are in your journey of self-discovery, you need someone to meet you there and be with you through the road ahead. You deserve to be seen, heard, and understood. I will sit beside you in your suffering, no judgement or expectation, and validate your pain. 


My process is simple: I listen differently. When I’m hearing your story I'm listening for the pain and exhaustion that makes life unmanageable, but I’m also listening for your dreams, hopes and inner strengths. Throughout our process I will support you in a way that will increase curiosity and provide you with skills to cope when life feels unbearable.  Let’s explore together and find healing through insight so you can flourish in your passions. 


I’m excited and honored to bear witness to your story. 

Kathryn Fischer

I have been fortunate to have lived in two very different but spectacular cities in my life.  I was raised in beautifully weird Austin and then enjoyed Chicago as a young adult for more then a decade.  Eventually, I came to terms that I have queso in my blood and a deep love of bluebonnets and hurried back to Austin, Tx.  I met my wonderful husband in Chicago, had an exciting and successful career in corporate America while growing our family from two humans to three and a furbaby.  Despite the personal and professional success, I found myself longing for something that was still missing.  Through self-discovery and sacrifice, I made the best decision of my life to go back to school and become a psychotherapist.

I am grateful for my role as a helper and find fulfillment everyday doing this work.  Every person I meet and story I hear allows me to connect to humanity and share my personal values of love and kindness. 


This is more then sadness, laziness or avoidance.  Depression is deep and paralyzing.  Getting out of bed feels overwhelming and taking care of daily activities or socializing is impossible. You might not understand what caused the depression or you feel you have every reason to be depressed.  Regardless of your awareness, I see you and your suffering. Depression is not all that you are. You can find hope through the hopelessness. 


You have survived your worst days.  Say that out loud and repeat.  YOU HAVE SURVIVED.  Seeking therapy for trauma is scary and vulnerable.  I am ready to hold your story and suffering with you. The trauma process will create safety and stability in your life, allowing you to process how the trauma experiences have effected you and then you can integrate your traumatized self with the self you desire.


Do you feel overwhelmed by other peoples feelings and hardships?  Do you feel like you're the only one that can take care of someone else and fix their problems? Do you ever feel exhausted and stretched too thin because everyone relies on you and you can't say no? We all have codependent tendencies but some cross into unhealthy and self-destructive behavior. Imagine a life where you say no to people, put yourself first and still love and feel loved by others.  Imagine!


"...come celebrate with me that everyday something has tried to kill me and has failed."  - Lucille Clifton

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